Inefficiency of Cardio-Conditioning Persuasive Speech (with captions and annotations)

Charles Moreland (CAST) placed first with his speech, “Endurance Training is an Ineffective Means for Weight Loss.” Video Rating: 5 / 5

Private Money Power Persuasion Phrases that Convert Prospects to Lenders You’re about to learn what took me years to learn through trial and error and countless hours of study in sales, marketing, psychology, persuasion, communication 3 word-for-word private money getting power persuasion phrases phrases that immediately disarm your prospect, gather needed information, and put you in the most powerful negotiating position possible the reluctant […]

The Art of Persuasive Writing: A Few Pointers

Pip is writing a presuasive text for a school assignment; she wants to convince the school principal to make the canteen food healthier. In this chapter Pip discovers that her own family is a great source of inspiration as they demonstrate the principles of good persuasive writing. From the Australian educational program ‘The Art of […]

Persuasive Writing

Intro for persuasive writing unit. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Great Persuasion Techniques To Get People Attention

by Chris Devers Persuasion is very important in almost all aspects of life. If you are involved in sales and marketing, I am sure you have been taught some persuasion techniques. These techniques are not only useful in business but also in many aspects of your life. For example, when you communicate with someone, you […]

How to Get Your Business Listed in Wikipedia – Mike Svatek

Mike Svatek of explains some of the hurdles his company had to go through to be listed in Wikipedia. He advises: (1) don’t use persuasive writing, (2) demonstrate that your business is ‘notable’ by showing that what you do is important broadly, and (3) get involved in the internal Wikipedia debate of the inclusion […]

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  • Covert Persuasion And Influence – Expelliarmus! Your Way To Persuasive Success

    In a previous article, I discussed the power of the word ‘because’ in human psychology and how it can boost your chances of persuasive success. The large amount of feedback I received prompted me to further my research and I believe that I have found another of these supposed magic words. ‘Imagine’ The word ‘imagine’ […]

  • Mass Persuasion – Use Repetition Effectively

    Mass Persuasion – Use Repetition Effectively

    by ghwpix In getting anyone to do anything, you have to ask them. The more times you ask, the better your odds of them saying “YES.” In sales, it’s called the “close.” And in sales, you’re taught to close, or ask for the order again and again, in order to increase your chances of your […]

  • Sales Persuasion Techniques

    Sales Persuasion Techniques

    by ghwpix Sales Persuasion Techniques There are various sales persuasion techniques used every day, in a majority of locations; in all probability the most common place to work out such a way in action is simply to look at the advertisements on television. In fact one among the strongest and most successful tv campaigns were […]

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  • Persuasion And Influence – The Magic Word To Your Persuasive Success

    Persuasion And Influence – The Magic Word To Your Persuasive Success

    by ghwpix Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows has been tearing up the big screen recently, making lots of money in box offices around the world. That got me thinking: Could there be that one magic word that you could utter to increase your chances of persuading someone to do what you want? Well, recent […]

  • Controversial Persuasive Speech

    A controversial persuasive speech is a persuasive speech with a controversial topic. Therefore, the first and foremost thing to do is to get a hot topic that would trigger controversy. It could be about anything so long as one has a passionate about it. After obtaining the topic, one is called upon to set realistic […]

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  • Persuasive Essay Writing Services

    Persuasive Essay Writing Services

    by afloden Writing persuasive speech is a hard task for many students. This  is  because  the  students  do  not  have  enough  materials  to  use  when  writing  persuasive  speech. Students  are  supposed  to  use  various  sources  when  writing  persuasive  speech. For  instance, the  students  can  use secondary  and  primary  material  when  writing  persuasive  speech. The  students  […]

  • Custom Persuasive Writing

    Custom Persuasive Writing

    by Chris Devers When it comes to writing a persuasive speech, many students d not know where to begin from. A persuasive speech unlike any other kind of speech looks forward to convincing the audience to see issues or things in your own point of view. It is hence crucial to apply persuasive skills which […]

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